OKT Portfolio
C M 3.x

OKT Portfolio is the Joomla extension contains component and module which helps to manage Portfolios.

OKT WhatsApp Share
P 3.x

The OKT WhatsApp Share is a Joomla Extension(Plugin), which helps for sharing the contents and links through the WhatsApp when the site access in mobile devices.

OKT Age Gate

OKT Age Gate 2.0.0

P 3.x

The OKT Age Gate is a Plugin, that can be easily installed and ready for use. The purpose of this extension is to block the under age users, It will not permit to access the website if the user is under age (18).

OKT Social Share
P M 3.x

OKT Social Share contains modules and plugins, which helps to share the page in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+.


OKT Ticket

OKT Ticket 2.0.0

C 3.x

Our ticket system allows you to collect inquires, questions and provide support to your website users, and provides you a platform to manage the tickets from admin panel and front end. This extension mainly for issue tracking...